A Night to Remember 

NOT 1 BUT 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Brucklay had a young man in on 21st February to do the burger challenge, he had cycled from Banff to the Brucklay. 

His first attempt at the challenge was done in 15 minutes and 18 seconds, which is the record  time.  

He took a wee bit longer with the second attempt so he could enjoy it but still only took 39 minutes. 

The young man then proceeded to have a portion of cheesecake and cycle back to Banff.

Burger Challenge

<  This is our 1 foot burger packed with bacon, cheese, tomato and onion rings accompanied by salad , coleslaw and chips.

The challenge is to complete everything you see in the picture within 40 minutes if you succeed then you don't have to pay and your photo goes on the wall along with a certificate.

The cost will be £17.95 if you fail.

‚ÄčNorth Sound 1's Gregsie and his team came to the Brucklay to do the Burger Challenge 

Seen in the picture > with Cassandra Aiken, Daughter of owners Jack and Donna. 

Brucklay Arms Bar & Luckbray Restaurant